FadeTop - Break Reminder The Natural Style

FadeTop is a free, simple and fun break reminder software for Windows.

At alarm time, it gradually fades your computer screen into a specified color or picture, displaying clock time and a snapshot history of your break-time status.

FadeTop Lets You...

  • Get notified in a natural, mild and agreeable manner
  • Develop a habit of resting your eyes and body regularly

What Makes It Different?

FadeTop tries its best NOT to intrusively grab your attention.

It never pops up when you're busy with a mouse or keyboard, or seemingly absent from the computer. Except for the visual changes, it never forces anything on you.

FadeTop schedules breaks intelligently and naturally.

It does NOT raise alarms at fixed intervals or time points. Instead, it sees you have been using the computer continuously for too long, and tentatively fades in when you appears not that busy.

Getting Started

FadeTop runs in the system tray as icon . See below:

Really, you don't have to set up any thing for it to work.

At alarm time, FadeTop fades your computer screen, and the icon changes into :

To preview FadeTop fader in action, just click the tray icon . Click it again to hide the fader.

For an animated demo, see top-right of this page.

For more information on using FadeTop, click here.

Here's What It Looks Like

Current version:    (View history)
Operating system: Windows XP or later